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Brendon Edwards – Standby

May 10, 2016 | Spring 2016 Chefs

Brendon Edwards



A native of Michigan, Brendon Edwards bears a love of the seasoned state. Curious, inquisitive, and knowledge driven, he has traveled from the Midwest to Mexico to Japan and back, cooking in some of the finest kitchens and honing his techniques alongside dedicated chefs.

He’s no stranger to Savor Detroit, having helped in four of the events over the past two years. Chef Edwards typically prefers to remain in the background, letting his food stand out in the forefront and do the talking for him — some might not even realize, but anyone who’s attended a high-end pop-up or special event; dined at Roast or a Young Guns Dinner; or sat down for an evening at (revolver) or Yemans Street has most likely been eating his food or benefited from his presence in the experience.

Now Chef Edwards has a place of his own where he can regularly delight diners with his food, joined by none other than his partner, Joe Robinson. Together, the duo seeks to fuse the worlds of progressive fare and modern cocktails, enhancing and complementing the other’s craft – all while providing as memorable and hospitable a service to their guests as possible.